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Devil's Crossing will eat you alive. Blood, guts, explosions and that's before the zombies even arrive. What happens when the devil raises hell in a town already soaked to the brim in evil? Try fighting flesh-eating zombies with a puny six-shooter, damn near impossible. It takes shotguns and black powder when you start crossing the devil.

Devil's Crossing is a horror film shot just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. Written & directed by James Ryan Gary, produced by Paul Streiner, and executive produced by Paul Reichelt. Devil's Crossing features an explosion of gore as the western and zombie genres collide. Devil's Crossing is an adult film, so be warned; scenes include:

  • Sudden decapitations
  • Innocents dying cruel deaths
  • Zombies being cut in half
  • Zombies being shot to pieces
  • Zombies being shot then exploding
  • Numerous scenes of unwarranted bloodshed
  • And more that we're not allowed to put in writing

Distributors said the script was "too violent" and "some characters are sickingly aggressive". We're gluttons for punishment... so we made the film anyway. Devil's Crossing is our twisted vision of the wild west when the dead rise up to consume the last remnants of humanity, and we made the film no matter what... even if it did consume us in the process. We're working on securing distribution US and additional distribution for Devil's Crossing in late 2013 / early 2014. The film is available in the UK right now!

Please check out the rest of our website and Facebook fanpage as we work on a future for Devil's Crossing. Your support is greatly appreciated. Join our Facebook group to learn more about the next Indigo Pictures movie "Pull" releasing in early 2014.

We're searching hard for distribution so as many of our 100,000+ Facebook fans can see Devil's Crossing however they'd like.

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American Family Film Council has this to say:

... Devil's Crossing features numerous examples of decapitation, prostitution, murder, and other heinous acts not suitable for audiences of any age. While some might find this [zombie western] enjoyable for the truly disgusting amount of bloodshed, gore, and death; the reality is films like this only serve to remind us modern filmmakers are masochistic purveyors of evil..."

If having zombies tear off settlers limbs, shotgun shells exploding heads, and angry cowboys fighting in the streets means we're masochistic purveyors of evil... so be it. This is explicit content made by horror fans for the horror community. Those who scare easy, your forewarned.

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